PML-N worker listens to PM’s advice, decides to lose weight

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< KARACHI: During his recent visit to Karachi, Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif advised a party worker to reduce his weight, and he listened.

The audience enjoyed a lighter moment when the PM made a jovial comment on Khialdas Kohistani’s weight.

“I noticed he (Kohistani) could barely breathe when he was giving his speech. I decided then that I would advise him to lose a little weight,” said the PM during his Holi address in Karachi.

Kohistani responded back by saying: “People say if I lose weight, you (PM) won’t notice me anymore. They say you notice me because I’m fat.”

Later in his address, Nawaz said he would visit Kohistan and start development work when Kohistani is in good shape. “We’ll climb mountains. If you are not as breathless, I’ll start development in Kohistan.”

It seems like the PML-N took the PM’s advice seriously, as he has started jogging in a local park.

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